Rock-A-Doodle DVD Glen Campbell 1991 VERY RARE CARTOON Movie


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n Don Bluth's ROCK-A-DOODLE, Chanticleer (Glen Campbell) is a golden-tonsilled rooster who misses the arrival of the sun one morning and leaves the farm in disgrace to make his name in the big city. This entertaining children's film is a story-within-a-story: ROCK-A-DOODLE is actually a beloved book owned by Edmond (Tony Scott Ganger), a little farm boy whose parents are desperately trying to save the family farm from an impending flood begun, according to Edmond's book, by the wicked Grand Duke of Owls (Christopher Plummer). When Edmond tries to evoke Chanticleer to bring the sun back, the duke turns him into a kitten, transporting him into the animated world of the rooster and the other animals from his book. Thus begins a colorful journey filled with songs and adventure.

Actors: Phil Harris, Glen Campbell, Eddie Deezen, Kathryn Holcomb, Toby Scott Ganger, Stan Ivar, Christian Hoff, Jason Marin, Christopher Plummer, Sandy Duncan, Will Ryan, Charles Nelson Reilly, Ellen Greene, Sorrell Booke, Dee Wallace

  • 1991 Movie
  • Runtime 1hr 7 mins
  • Video & Sound Quality 10/10
  • Ships in a DVD Sleeve NO cases or artwork are included


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