Q: What does CAD stand for?
A: CAD stands for Canadian Dollars.

Q: How long does shipping normally take?
A: Canada = 1-7 Business days
   USA = 7-12 Business days
   International = 12-14 Business days.

Q: Are all of your DVDs original Studio Release DVDs
A: No they are not, most are from HDTV some are VHS rips we strive to provide the best Video & Sound quality we possibly can. (Please read Legal page)

Q: Do any of your DVDs include Cases & artwork?
A: It will be listed in the ad if they are included or not.

Q: If I have a show request can I email you?
A: Most certaintly you can, we will do our best to locate any show requests you might have.

Q: How come you never answer the phone from the number you provide?
A: That number is for mobile texting only.

Q: Are all your DVDs in English & do they contain foreign subtitles?
A: All of our DVDs are in English & DO NOT contain any subtitles.

Q: Will your DVDs work in the UK, Australia & Asia or any other country other than the US & Canada?
A: Yes they will, all of our DVDs are region free & will play on any DVD/Blu Ray Player, PS4, & Xbox Systems & may also work on your laptop/PC.

Q: What is your turnaround time? When do you ship out?
A: We ship everyday,once you place your order with us we will have your items shipped within 24-48 hrs depending on how busy we are, it may ship out the same day.

Q: Do you offer any kind of refunds if I'm not happy?
A: We DO NOT offer any kind of refund, however we will replace any defective DVDs that you may have. We ask that you try to let us know all the dvd(s) that you are having trouble with then we will ship them all at once.

Q: Do you do trades?
A: Yes we do, depending on how busy we are with orders we will try & accommodate a time to make trades & we do disc for disc.

Q: Do you accept Paypal?
A: No we do not however we accept all major credit cards through Stripe as well as International Money Orders.

Q: is my order secure?
A: Our website is 100% secure & your order is confidential.




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