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Here you will be able to find various cartoons and television mainly from the 1980's (my childhood decade), as well as the 40s, 50's 60's 70's, 90's, and 2000's. Most, if not all these sets are unavailable to the public commercially. I have made it available because I know a lot of you feel as nostalgic as I do sometimes, and would want to, in a sense, "re-live" the olden days.

You will see links above to my entire collection of cartoons and TV, and a link which lists My Wants! This is mainly a trading page, so I hope to trade something of mine for something from My Wants... but if you see something you want but DON'T have something I want, I also sell some material from my collection (depending on what is requested). Just contact me and we can go from there.

Also, check out my YouTube site for tons of retro goodness - cartoons, tv, commercials, intros/outros, bumpers, toys, trading cards, video games, more!:






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  • These videos are traded on a collector to collector basis and are intended for personal home viewing only, all titles are believed to be in the public domain, with no rights given or implied.
  • I believe these particular shows/commercials/airings/etc... to be unavailable to the viewing public, and I'm making them available solely for collectors enjoyment.
  • These videos are not meant to infringe on any existing copyright violation, any costs involved are put towards this cause and is spent on supplies, maintaining the quality of shows, electricity to operate the equipment (VCR/DVD players, computer), cost of shipping, and online fees.
  • You agree with all of the above listed conditions/terms and that your profile does not match anything listed on this page. If the COPYRIGHT HOLDER has a problem with any title(s) being listed, please notify the website owner on an OFFICIAL LETTERHEAD with complete copyright notification and the title(s) will be removed.
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Please email me with any questions, offers, suggestions, etc...!! **NOTE - if you do not get a response from me, please check your junk mail or spam filter. My e-mails have been caught in those before, so please check!!

Thank you and enjoy your trip back to your childhood!



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