Here is a list of TV Show/Cartoons that I am currently looking for: 

  • The Toothbrush Family
  • The Adventures Of The Little Prince (All 24 episodes)
  • Hammy Hamster 80's
  • ProStars
  • Saturday Supercade
  • Polka Dot Door
  • Readalong
  • The Cucumber Club (TVO Show)
  • Harrigan
  • Romper Room
  • Circle Square
  • Eureka's Castle
  • Size Small
  • Little Muppet Monsters
  • The Edison Twins
  • Dumbo's Circus
  • Coach (TV Show)
  • Widget The World Watcher
  • Fred Penner's Place
  • The Secret Railroad (English version)
  • Billy The Cat
  • Destiny's Ridge (90's TV Show)
  • Mayberry RFD (60s TV Show)
  • Life Goes on (90s sitcom)
  • The Kids of Room 402
  • Disney's Adventures in Wonderland TV series (1992-94) 100 episodes
  • The Flintstone Comedy Hour
  • Tarzan & The Super 7
  • Super President
  • The Little Fox (1981 movie)
  • Jeannie (70s cartoon series)
  • Stop The Smoggies!
  • Lassie Recue Rangers
  • Mutant League
  • Creep Crawlers animated
  • Monster Force
  • Will The Real Jerry Lewis Please sit down? (1970 Cartoon)
  • The Love Boat Tv Show
  • Dumbos Circus
  • Best Ed (Canadian Cartoon)
  • New Adventures of Gigantor
  • Dink The Little Dinosaur








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