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Sonic and Tails are willing to save the planet Mobius from Dr. Robotnik and his robots which they plan to take over in these slapstick based adventures.

  • Complete 65 Episodes + Sonic Christmas Blast Movie
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No. in
Title Written by Original air date Prod.
0 0 "Pilot" Kent Butterworth Unaired (produced in 1992) 100

This is the pilot used to sell the show. There is hardly any talking from most of the characters, except Sonic. The voices of Dr. Robotnik and Scratch are provided by Jim Cummings, Tails is voiced by an uncredited actor, and Gary Owens plays the narrator. In one episode, Scratch and Grounder are watching the Sonic cartoon on TV. This is the episode they are watching. There is also no music or sound effects, with the exception of Tails screaming heard in the Sonic Sez segment.

Sonic Says segment: Looking before you cross the street
1 23 "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad" Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly September 6, 1993 101

When Sonic and Tails are captured by Grounder and Scratch, Sonic tricks them into letting them escape by reminiscing about how they all met. Several badniks seen early on in this episode later resurfaced in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

Sonic Says segment: Emergency calling
2 9 "Subterranean Sonic" Robert Askin September 7, 1993 102

Sonic and Tails escape underground from Scratch and Grounder, but they are held captive there by a miserly mole named Spelunk.

Sonic Says segment: Sharing
3 8 "Lovesick Sonic" Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly September 8, 1993 103

When Sonic saves a female hedgehog named Breezie, he falls in love; Sonic does not know that Breezie is a robot Dr. Robotnik created to keep Sonic occupied while he floods a city near his fortress.

Sonic Says segment: Sexual harassment
4 17 "Slowwww Going" Jack Hanrahan & Eleanor Burian-Mohr September 9, 1993 104

Sonic must save a family of sloths from Dr. Robotnik's slow-motion ray, but when he himself is slowed down by Scratch and Grounder, Tails and the sloth family must take action.

Sonic Says segment: Sloths
5 11 "High Stakes Sonic" Robert Askin September 10, 1993 105

Sonic and Tails infiltrate Robotnik's new Casino Night Zone to stop him and his henchmen from scamming a group of sheep into becoming Robotnik's slaves.

Sonic Says segment: Dares
6 42 "Sonic Breakout" Douglas Zip Purgason September 13, 1993 110

Robotnik imprisons a satirical cartoonist named Sketch Lampoon for making fun of him in his comic book, much to the anger of Sonic, his biggest fan. Sonic purposely allows his own capture as well, but does not expect to be placed in a maximum-security jail cell. With Robotnik angrily sends Sonic in the cell for interfering with his plans once again.

Sonic Says segment: Graffiti
7 20 "Trail of the Missing Tails" Bob Forward September 14, 1993 109

Robotnik's insane cousin, Dr. Warpnik, captures Tails and lures Sonic into his Zone of Confusion in order to enact revenge on Robotnik for banishing him.

Sonic Says segment: Remembering your phone number
8 33 "Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind" Douglas Zip Purgason September 15, 1993 134

Sonic and Tails help an alien prince fix his space shuttle to return to his home planet for coronation to become king, or else his younger brother will be crowned in his place and destroy Mobius.

Sonic Says segment: Sunburns
9 16 "Momma Robotnik's Birthday" Francis Moss September 16, 1993 107

Robotnik's obnoxious mother visits her son on her birthday and expects a present. After he fails to destroy a nearby forest as a present, however, she decides to capture Sonic as her own gift.

Sonic Says segment: Trees
10 14 "Big Daddy" Jess Borgeson September 17, 1993 106

After being exiled by Robotnik, Coconuts finds a lost baby gorilla who thinks he is his father. Coconuts attempts to use the gorilla to stop Sonic. The baby gorilla's father, meanwhile, is under the control of Robotnik, and Sonic has to save him.

Sonic Says segment: Telling parents where you're going

Notes: Pierre De Celles, an animation director, described "Big Daddy" as an episode he felt "really proud of," though he described the editing as "poor." He described the animation process as taking "4 times longer than usual" since the animator of the episode was deaf and mute; De Celles described his translator as "just great."[1]
11 55 "Sonic's Song" Kevin Donahue & Donald P. Zappala September 20, 1993 112

Outraged by a popular song about Sonic, Robotnik outlaws music on Mobius and takes the song's composer captive with the intent of creating his own song.

Sonic Says segment: Hearing
12 3 "Birth of a Salesman" Steven J. Fisher, Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly September 21, 1993 111

An energetic salesman named Wes Weasley sells Robotnik numerous gadgets to help Scratch and Grounder capture Sonic. However, Robotnik later comes to regret it when Weaseley's gadgets keep backfiring.

Sonic Says segment: False advertising
13 1 "Best Hedgehog" Martha Moran September 22, 1993 116

Sonic and Tails rescue Lucas, Robotnik's first prisoner, and attempt to reunite him with his girlfriend, Lucinda. However, Robotnik is also in love with Lucinda, and pursues Lucas.

Sonic Says segment: Reading
14 15 "The Robotnik Express" Doug Booth September 23, 1993 117

En route to stop a train of explosives from arriving at Robotnik's munition factory, Sonic and Tails must deal with a duo of bears named Big Griz and Big Mike after Scratch and Grounder tell them that Sonic and Tails are the enemies.

Sonic Says segment: Strangers
15 22 "Too Tall Tails" Rowby Goren September 24, 1993 115

Robotnik takes Professor Von Schlemmer hostage and uses his growth machine to try and enlarge himself. However, the machine backfires, and enlarges Tails instead in nearby Wienerville. Sonic must keep the famished Tails from getting into more danger as Robotnik tricks the citizens into thinking that Sonic is the villain, while Robotnik is the hero planning to save the city.

Sonic Says segment: Healthy diets
16 2 "Tails' New Home" Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly September 27, 1993 120

When Sonic decides to find Tails a suitable foster home to ensure his safety, Robotnik finds out and creates a robot fox family, who pose as Tails' long-lost parents.

Sonic Says segment: Running away
17 6 "Over the Hill Hero" Francis Moss September 28, 1993 118

When overweight, elderly superhero Captain Rescue bungles in his attempts to help Sonic, he grows tired of his incompetence. Robotnik then uses Captain Rescue to successfully imprison Sonic in an impenetrable force field, and Tails and Captain Rescue must save him.

Sonic Says segment: Wisdom of elders
18 12 "Blank-Headed Eagle" Dennis O'Flaherty September 29, 1993 113

Scratch suffers a blow to the head and believes that he is his favorite television character, Edgar Eagle. Sonic uses this to his advantage in preventing another of Robotnik's schemes.

Sonic Says segment: Seat belt safety
19 44 "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops" Kevin Murphy & Ed Ferrara September 30, 1993 114

During a fair in his honor, Sonic's shoes are stolen, and he and Tails use detective intellect to try and solve the whodunit case.

Sonic Says segment: Stealing
20 18 "So Long Sucker" Cydne Clark & Steve Granat October 1, 1993 122

Tails adopts a squishy creature from another dimension named Goobster, who turns out to be a black hole.

Sonic Says segment: Pets
21 32 "Sonic Gets Thrashed" Cydne Clark & Steve Granat October 4, 1993 119

When Robotnik opens up a resort to make the resident Mobians his slaves, Sonic enlists the help of some robots from an area of Mobius called Scrap Valley.

Sonic Says segment: Rubbish
22 5 "Pseudo Sonic" Cliff Macgillivray October 5, 1993 126

Robotnik creates a robot Sonic suit with the intent of ruining the hedgehog's reputation. He forces a lab rat named Laurence to pilot by threatening his parents.

Sonic Says segment: Poison ivy
23 10 "Grounder the Genius" Doug Molitor October 6, 1993 121

Grounder accidentally puts a "genius chip" in his head, and it makes him so smart that he easily captures Sonic and even takes over Robotnik's operations.

Sonic Says segment: Using your brain
24 26 "Tails in Charge" Martha Moran October 7, 1993 124

When Scratch and Grounder zap Sonic with Robotnik's new freeze ray, Tails uses intellect and disguise to foil the two henchmen and ensure Sonic's safety.

Sonic Says segment: Home safety
25 56 "Sno Problem" Sandra Ryan October 8, 1993 125

Robotnik introduces the "Ultra Freeze-O-Matic", announcing his plan to freeze every citizen on Mobius so that he can install "Servitude Chips" into the frozen citizens and make them unquestionably obedient. Sonic and Tails must foil the scheme.

Sonic Says segment: Bicycle safety check
26 4 "Submerged Sonic" Bob Forward October 11, 1993 123

Robotnik is after the Power Gems from the city of Submerbia in the Labyrinth Zone. Sonic and Tails are enlisted by a local citizen to stop Robotnik.

Sonic Says segment: Shallow water
27 13 "Boogey-Mania" Rowby Goren October 12, 1993 129

Robotnik reprograms a machine created by Von Schlemmer capable of turning dreams into reality and unleashes a Nightmare Monster upon Mobius.

Sonic Says segment: Sleep
28 27 "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby" Gordon Bressack October 13, 1993 130

Robotnik's attempt to turn Sonic into an old man with his newest device backfires, turning him and Tails, and later himself, into babies. Now stuck in a day-care, the infantile Sonic and Tails must try to keep Robotnik under control, while Scratch and Grounder attempt to get him back.

Sonic Says segment: Tumble dryers
29 35 "Robotnik, Jr." Robert Askin October 14, 1993 127

Robotnik constructs a robot son in order to help him with his conquest of Mobius. Robotnik Jr., however, is inspired by Sonic, and helps him thwart his latest plan.

Sonic Says segment: Peer pressure
30 50 "Full Tilt Tails" Robert Askin October 15, 1993 132

Robotnik makes chewing gum that makes the consumer as fast as Sonic. Robotnik gives it to Grounder, but he loses and Tails gets a hold of it.

Sonic Says segment: Smoking
31 48 "MacHopper" Doug Booth October 18, 1993 128

Robotnik attempts to brainwash MacHopper, a friend of Sonic's, into doing his dirty deeds, but an explosion causes his memory to become unstable.

Sonic Says segment: Currents and riptides
32 21 "Momma Robotnik Returns" Francis Moss October 19, 1993 136

Momma Robotnik visits her son, and after he fails once again, she disowns him and decides to adopt Sonic as her own son in order to capture him.

Sonic Says segment: Obeying laws and going to court
33 47 "Spaceman Sonic" Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly October 20, 1993 138

Robotnik sends Scratch and Grounder into space to pillage the asteroid belt, with Sonic and Tails in pursuit. When the spaceship runs out of power, they are stranded at an abandoned space station, pursued by a residing alien.

Sonic Says segment: Common colds
34 58 "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior" Doug Booth October 21, 1993 131

Robotnik starves a village of rabbits into building a statue of himself. With help from Big Griz and Mad Mike, Sonic and Updike, one of the villagers, manage to infiltrate the statue.

Sonic Says segment: Medicine
35 30 "The Last Resort" Gordon Bressack October 22, 1993 146

Robotnik seemingly announces his surrender to Sonic, and he invites him to a resort in his gratitude. Unbeknownst to Sonic, the resort is just another trap created by Robotnik.

Sonic Says segment: Walking alone
36 19 "Robotnik's Rival" Gordon Bressack October 25, 1993 137

Robotnik and a rival named Quark Rex try to cooperate in capturing Sonic. However, Sonic tricks them into becoming enemies, and they try to outdo each other.

Sonic Says segment: Cheating
37 36 "The Magic Hassle" Douglas Zip Purgason October 26, 1993 135

Coconuts acquires a magic wand and magical gadgets from Wes Weasley (after agreeing to forward all payments to Robotnik), and attempts to master them. Meanwhile, Robotnik tries to change Sonic-themed mobium banknotes into Robotnik banknotes in the Mobius Mint.

Sonic Says segment: Money
38 28 "Sonic the Matchmaker" Robert Askin October 27, 1993 139

Robotnik pursues Breezie and Robotnik Jr. in order to find out why they betrayed him with the intent of building a perpetually loyal robot wife. In a subplot, Junior is in love with Breezie, and enlists Sonic's help in wooing her.

Sonic Says segment: Playground safety
39 34 "Tails Prevails" Bob Forward October 28, 1993 133

On Sonic's birthday, Tails builds a flying bicycle. Realizing Tails' potential with mechanics, Professor Von Schlemmer invites Tails to be his research assistant, but then Robotnik captures and impersonates him to get Tails to build his latest anti-Sonic weapon.

Sonic Says segment: Boredom
40 25 "Zoobotnik" Rowby Goren October 29, 1993 144

An intergalactic huntress captures various citizens of Mobius and falls in love with Robotnik during her visit.

Sonic Says segment: Wildlife
41 29 "Attack on the Pinball Fortress" Bob Forward November 1, 1993 145

Robotnik has unleashed his "Stupidity Ray" on Mobius, knowing that the newly-stupefied Mobians will be too braindead to stop him. As Sonic and Tails make their way to Robotnik's new lair, the Pinball Fortress they find themselves competing with Wes Weasely and Sergeant Doberman, both of whom want to capture the Stupidity Ray for their own purposes.

Sonic Says segment: Stupidity
42 46 "Mass Transit Trouble" Kevin Murphy & Ed Ferrera November 2, 1993 140

Robotnik threatens to demolish an airport, a lighthouse, and a train station. Sonic is forced to travel to all three places in order to remove the bombs.

Sonic Says segment: Bicycle safety

Notes: This episode ran for approximately a year and a half before the Oklahoma City bombing forced the episode's withdrawal from circulation. Later, as the incident died down, Toon Disney picked the episode up again, only to have it removed from circulation after about three years of airtime due to the September 11th attacks.
43 31 "Coachnik" Doug Molitor November 3, 1993 142

Robotnik constructs a pushy robot coach in an attempt to increase Scratch and Grounder's fitness. This leaves Robotnik time to create a football-shaped bomb in order to destroy Sonic.

Sonic Says segment: Warming up
44 41 "Untouchable Sonic" Dennis O'Flaherty November 4, 1993 143

Sonic comes to the rescue of a town that is held for ransom by Robotnik's crime syndicate. A few scenes from the pilot animation are integrated into this episode.

Sonic Says segment: Gangs
45 45 "Super Robotnik" Rowby Goren November 5, 1993 152

A chemical accident caused by Coconuts ends up giving superpowers to Robotnik, who quickly uses them to threaten Mobius's world leaders and publicly humiliate Sonic. However, Robotnik isn't completely invincible, and Sonic must find a way to exploit the weak chink in Robotnik's newfound powers in an Olympics-style gladiator match.

Sonic Says segment: Chemicals
46 7 "Robolympics" Jeffrey Scott November 8, 1993 108

An asteroid is heading for Turtle Town and Robotnik offers to save it, but only if Sonic agrees to play in the Robolympics against him and his robots.

Sonic Says segment: Being active
47 24 "Magnificent Sonic" Jeffrey Scott November 9, 1993 141

Sonic becomes the sheriff of Tranquil Gulch, in hopes of keeping Robotnik's robots from harassing the locals.

Sonic Says segment: Gun safety

Notes: This episode was banned from Toon Disney airings due to the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999. Nowadays, this episode is no longer banned and continues to air on many TV networks.
48 37 "Black Bot the Pirate" Jeffrey Scott November 10, 1993 148

Robotnik goes time-traveling to find four Chaos Emeralds that could make him all-powerful. His first stop is the time of Blackbeard the Pirate, where he enlists the pirate's help to find the Emerald of Invisibility. However, with help from a local scientist, Sonic and Tails go after him, and thwart his attempts to obtain the Emerald.

Sonic Says segment: Caution with sharp objects
49 38 "Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table" Jeffrey Scott November 11, 1993 149

Robotnik's next stop is the time of King Arfur and the Knights of the Round Table to get the Emerald of Invincibility. Sonic and Tails follow him, but Robotnik, with the unwilling help of local wizard Merlynx, obtains the Emerald, and takes over the kingdom.

Sonic Says segment: Swimming alone
50 39 "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" Jeffrey Scott November 12, 1993 150

Robotnik is erasing Sonic's family tree in order to get the Chaos Emerald of Immortality. Sonic and Tails go after him, prevent Robotnik from interfering with his ancestors' meeting, and then race to the crypt of Robotnik's ancestor Robotnikhotep, where the Emerald is kept.

Sonic Says segment: Skateboard safety
51 40 "Prehistoric Sonic" Jeffrey Scott November 15, 1993 151

Despite the intervention of Sonic and Tails, Robotnik obtains the Chaos Emerald of life in prehistory and the other emeralds and becomes the Supreme High Robotnik. Sonic and Tails stop him by going back in time and teaming up with their past selves.

Sonic Says segment: Electrical appliance safety
52 49 "Baby-Sitter Jitters" Jeffrey Scott November 16, 1993 147

Sonic and Tails babysit a trio of unruly baby beavers who end up being abducted by Scratch and Grounder. Robotnik uses the beavers as bait to capture Sonic and Tails, but the beavers become resourceful and help their friends thwart Robotnik.

Sonic Says segment: Babysitting
53 54 "Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog" Jeffrey Scott November 17, 1993 153

Sonic, Tails, and a group of miners are hit by Robotnik's shrink ray and must work together to undo the effects.

Sonic Says segment: Recycling
54 59 "Robotnikland" Jeffrey Scott November 18, 1993 154

Robotnik takes control of the local amusement park on Sonic's birthday and uses it to try to finish him off.

Sonic Says segment: Cooking
55 53 "The Mobius 5000" Jeffrey Scott November 19, 1993 155

Sonic and Tails enter a car race in order to save an orphanage that Robotnik threatens to shut down.

Sonic Sez segment: Car safety
56 60 "The Little Merhog" Jeffrey Scott November 22, 1993 156

Sonic and Tails help a mermaid hedgehog named Merna save her underwater city from the wrath of Captain John Paul Memo.

Sonic Says segment: Matches
57 52 "Road Hog" Jeffrey Scott November 23, 1993 157

Sonic and Tails are arrested for speeding as a result of Robotnik having hypnotized the law through pollen.

Sonic Says segment: Calling for help
58 64 "The Robots' Robot" Jess Borgeson November 24, 1993 159

Scratch and Grounder build a robot of their own who soon runs away and ends up befriending Sonic.

Sonic Says segment: Fire
59 63 "Tails' Tale" Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly November 25, 1993 160

When Sonic mysteriously vanishes, Tails, Professor Von Schlemmer, and a pilot named William le Due search for him in the Pyramid of Kommamachs.

Sonic Says segment: Computers
60 65 "Hero of the Year" Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly November 26, 1993 165

Wes Weasley pretends to host a roast (actually a clip show) to Sonic that Robotnik uses to force his surrender.

Sonic Says segment: Alcohol
61 62 "Fast and Easy" Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly November 29, 1993 161

A pickpocket named Easy Eddie picks at Robotnik's Chaos Emerald ring, much to his anger. Sonic must keep Easy Eddie hidden so that he can discard the ring.

Sonic Says segment: Breakfast
62 51 "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted" Kevin O'Donnell November 30, 1993 158

When Throbbin Screechpicks features Sonic on his talk show, Lifestyles of the Very Good, Robotnik kidnaps his unnamed niece in order to be featured on the show.

Sonic Says segment: Vandalism
63 57 "Sonic Is Running" Doug Molitor December 1, 1993 162

When Momma Robotnik threatens her son into campaigning for the Mobius presidency, Sonic decides to run against him.

Sonic Says segment: Tooth pain
64 61 "Robo-Ninjas" Francis Moss December 2, 1993 163

Robotnik captures Kwai Chang Crane, a martial arts master, and uses him to turn Scratch and Grounder into effective ninja to defeat Sonic.

Sonic Says segment: Road safety
65 43 "Sonically Ever After" Gordon Bressack December 3, 1993 164

Scratch and Grounder use a ray gun Robotnik invented to transport Sonic, Tails and Robotnik into a book of fairy tales. When some of the fairy tales come to life under Robotnik's control, Sonic and Tails have to try to give them happy endings to stop Robotnik.

Sonic Says segment: Library


No. in
Title Written by Original air date Prod.
S1 "Sonic Christmas Blast" Bruce Shelly & Reed Shelly November 24, 1996 S01

Robotnik disguises himself as Santa Claus in order to force him into retirement and con the children out of presents during Christmas. During a visit to Robotropolis, Sonic and Tails rescue the real Santa Claus, who presents Sonic with a speed run test due to a ring Sally Acorn gave him as a gift serving as a key.

Oddly, this special includes aspects of the Saturday morning Sonic TV show, such as Robotropolis and SWATbots (neither of which appear as they did in that series) and Sally Acorn (who appears in her regular design but with her pilot episode color palette). Said series had aired concurrently with the original run of "Adventures", but in a different time slot, and had stopped producing new episodes by the time "Christmas Blast" premiered. Despite this, the special maintains the humorous tone of "Adventures" rather than the darker one of the Saturday morning series.

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