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Alvin and the Chipmunks is an American animated television series featuring The Chipmunks,

It aired from 1983 to 1990 on NBC and is the follow-up to the original 1961–62 series, The Alvin Show. The show introduced The Chipettes, three female Chipmunks with their own human caretaker, Miss Beatrice Miller (who joined the cast in 1986). In 1988, the show switched production companies to DiC Enterprises (with 11 additional episodes produced by Murakami-Wolf-Swenson) and was renamed just The Chipmunks.

In 1987, during the show's fifth season, the Chipmunks' first animated feature film, The Chipmunk Adventure, was released to theaters by The Samuel Goldwyn Company. The film was directed by Janice Karman and featured the Chipmunks and Chipettes in a contest traveling around the world. In its eighth and final season, the show again switched titles to The Chipmunks Go to the Movies. Each episode was a spoof of a Hollywood film like Back to the Future or King Kong. Several television specials featuring the characters were also released.[3] In 1990, the special Rockin' Through the Decades was produced. That year, the Chipmunks also teamed up with other well-known cartoon characters (such as Bugs Bunny and Garfield) for the drug abuse-prevention special Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue.


You will receive:


105 (30 min) Episodes of the cartoon set + all the specials

Quality is 8/10

Interactive Menus

Region & Commerical Free

DVDs come in plastic protective sleeves NO cases or artwork are included


Episodes Listing:

Disc #1

The C-Team
The Chipettes
Uncle Harry
Rock N Robot
The Televison Stars
The Cruise
The Chipmunk Story
Mr Fabulous
Grandma & Grandpa Seville
Unidentified Flying Chipmunk
Mother's Day
The Chip Punk
From Here to Fraternity
Urban Chipmunk
The Incredible Shrinking Dave
Angelic Alvin
The Trouble With Nanny
Bully Ballet
Alvin.....And The Chipmunk
Swiss Family Chipmunks
Santa Harry
A Dog's Best Friends is his Chipmunk
Curse of Lontiki
Baseball Heroes
May The Best Chipmunk Win

Disc #2

The Chipmunk Who Bugged Me
Rich & Infamous
The Camp Calomine Caper
Lights Camera Alvin
Dont Be a Vidiot
A Horse of Course
Some Entrancing Evening
Match Play
The Picture of Health
The Victoria Awards
Setting The Record Straight
Father's Day Muffins
Royally Received
Gone Fishing
Alvin on Ice
Operation Theodore
The Gang's All Here
Snow Job
Greatest Showoffs on Earth
New Improved Simon
Maids in Japan
My Fair Chipette
Guardian Chipmunks
Car Sick
Hat Today Gone Tomorrow
Snow Wrong

Disc #3

Film Flam
The Secret Life of David Seville
A Chip off The Old Tooth
Three Alarm ALvin
Who Ghost There
Romancing Ms Stone
Court Action
Good Old Simon
The Chipmunks Go To Washington
A Little Worm in The BIG Apple
Staying Afloat
Soccer To Me
Every Chipmunk Tells a Story
The Chipette Story
The Prize Isnt Right
The Gold of My Dreams
Help Wanted Mommy
Mind Over Matterhorn
Alvins Oldest Fan
Teevee or Not Teevee
A Rash of Babies
Whatever Happened To Dave Seville
Simon Seville Superstar

Disc #4

Miss Millers Big Gamble
Sweet Smell of Success
Experiment in Error
How You Gonna Keep Em Down on The Farm
Cinderella Cinderella
Middle Aged Davey
I Love LA
Chipmunk Vice
Hooping it Up
Sincerly Theodore
My Pharoh Lady
Back to Dave's Future
Tell it To The Judge
Simon Says
When The Chips Are Down
Alvin ALvin Alvin
Dave's Dream Cabin
Ask Alvin
Theodore Lucks Out
Old Friends
The Mystery of Seville Manor
Big Dreams
Island Fever
Just One of The Girls
Going Down To The Dixie

Disc #5

Food For Thought
Brunch Club
Wings Over Siesta Grande
Treasure Island
Grounded Chipmunk
ALvie's ANgels
Cadet's Regrets
Dave's Getting Married
Alvin in Analysis
No Chipmunk is An Island
Babysitter Fright Night

Disc #6

Alvin's Summer Job
Vinny's Visit
Once Upon a Crime
Uncle Adventure
Luck o' The Chipmunks
The Wall
Theodore & Juliet
Quarterback in Curlers
The Amazing Chipmunks
Theodore's Life as a Dog
Special Kind of Champion
Psychic Alvin
Alvin's Obsession
Dave's Wonderful Life
Home Sweet Home
Cookie Chomper 3
All Worked Up
A Nightmare on Seville Street
Thinking Cap Trap

Disc #7

Dr Simon & Mr Hearthrob
Unfair Science
Dear Diary
The Legend of Sleeping Brittany
Merry Christmas Mr Carol
Back to ALvins Future
Star Wreck
Daytona Jones & The Pearl of Wisdom
Chip Tracy
Funny We Shrunk The Adults

Disc #8

A Chipmunk Christmas
A Chipmunk Valentine
A Chipmunk Reunion
A Chipmunk Celebration
Mystery of The Easter Chipmunk
Trick or Treason
Rockin Thru The Decades


Yesterday's Memories, Today's Treasures



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