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Somewhere, deep in the heart of Africa lies the Freedom willife Preserve. It's a haven of unmitigated natural beauty, a sanctuary our cast of neurotic characters call home. Animal Crackers, where the wild kingdom just got a little wilder, and a heck of lot more neurotic.

Animal Crackers is a 1997 French/Canadian animated television series  It is based on the comic strip Animal Crackers and tells about a group of animals that live in a fictional jungle called Freeborn. The show aired in the United States on Fox Family in 1998 and the Cookie Jar Toons block on This TV from November 2008 to August 2009.


Major characters

  • Lyle Lion (voiced by Mark Camacho): Passive, insecure, and a momma's boy, Lyle is not what one might call "King of the Jungle". (He's more of a prince, who is trying to be king), intent on taking philosophy classes and ordering a pizza (preferably vegetarian) than to be the dominant predator. Despite multiple failed attempts, his number one goal in life is to date Lana. Outside his love life, his other goal is to be an astronomer.
  • Dodo (voiced by Teddy Lee Dillon): He is the last remaining dodo alive and is Lyle's best friend. Rash, impatient, and slightly self-centered, he is extremely hot-headed and refuses to believe that he lacks the ability to fly. This leads to multiple failed attempts to take flight, sometimes using some very innovative and unusual techniques, all of which fail.
  • Eugene (voiced by Terrence Scammell): Despite his size and nature, this pachyderm is really an "overgrown baby" who craves attention. He is rather arrogant and obnoxious and is not afraid to bully others with his size and strength to get what he wants. Some of his secret pleasures include inhaling loads of peanut butter and stomping petunias but the sight of a tiny mouse will freak him out.
  • Gnu (voiced by Marc Montgomery): For a "supposed" leader of a herd, Gnu lacks any leadership qualities; rather, his traits show the exact opposite of a leader: lazy, timid, and no sense of direction. Despite his nature, Gnu does mean well and is very dedicated to his herd, even though his presence there will hinder rather than help. A single father with a son he loves very much, he is a caring parent.
  • Lana (voiced by Kate Hutchinson): Lana is smart, attractive, strong minded and the object of Lyle's affection. Lana is quite caring towards her fellow inhabitants of Freeborn and will put the group ahead of herself. She is an avid book lover and is often found with her nose in a novel. Despite showing little to no interest in Lyle's pursuits, it has been hinted that perhaps she does have a crush on him.

Supporting characters

  • Tito: a silent chameleon with no dialogue in the entire series. Often Tito can be found among the main characters, but due to his size and silent nature, he's usually either knocked aside, stepped or sat on, or used for some purpose, the characters mistaking him for an inanimate object. Despite this, Tito rarely holds any ill-will or contempt for the others and often shows to be very intelligent or at least at times on the same level as Lana, able to solve a problem or fix something when most of the other characters can't figure it out
  • Lance: Another lion who competes with Lyle for Lana's attention
  • Louie: Lyle's nephew. Being a cub still in diapers, Louie speaks in a manner similar to Mikey from Look Who's Talking where the audience can hear his thoughts, but the characters within the show are unaware what he's thinking. Unlike most animals on the Preserve, Louie doesn't think less of Lyle for his shortcomings, though he does show more self-awareness and intelligence than his uncle
  • Bud and Edna: Two recurring human tourists, both the common stereotype of the annoying tourist couple who bumble about, usually completely unaware of what's really going on around them and making things more uncomfortable for the locals
  • Junior and herd: Junior is Gnu's son (though never properly named in the series beyond 'Junior', so its possible he shares his father's name) he is shown to be smarter and have more common sense than his father and is sometimes embarrassed by him, but understands Gnu's desire to be a leader and a good father and loves and respects him for this. The herd meanwhile don't show as much respect but are rather fittingly about as lazy as Gnu, often bailing on him whenever he calls for a stampede. Ironically, its their lazy tendencies that keep Gnu as leader as any other leader (such as Roland the Waterbuffalo) would forcibly work them hard and into shape, which they don't want. Some of the herd have more distinct personalities, such as the gnu with a backwards baseball cap who speaks like a Californian surfer stereotype, an especially geeky gnu with an ID tag on his ear (these two can often be seen together), and a smaller gnu about Junior's age who appears to be the geeky gnu's little brother as they share similar characteristics, such as glasses and buck teeth
  • Elmo the Crocodile: A somewhat passive and laid back crocodile who usually just floats in the pond. He tends to be the butt of physical pain humor every now and then as someone ends up landing on his head when jumping into the pond. Although he's as docile as any of the other animals in the Preserve, he will on the rare occasion indulge his predatory instincts by trying and failing to convince smaller animals to allow him to eat them
  • Lamont the Hippopotamus
  • Roxanne the Ostrich (voiced by Dawn Ford)
  • Grandpa Tortoise and his grandsons
  • Sergeant Rhino
  • Snake
  • Frog and Toad


  • 58 Segments ( Out of 78)
  • Video & sound Quality = 9/10
  • Interactive Menus
  • Region & Commerical Free
  • Ships in DVD Sleeves NO Cases or artwork are included


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