Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures Cartoon 3 DVD Set Complete


This set contains every episode of the Bill & Ted animated series on two region-free DVDs.
Discs ship in sleeves and include an episode list.

These discs are guaranteed defect-free; in the unlikely event you receive a defective disc, it will be replaced free of charge.


Season 1
1. One Sweet & Sour Chinese Adventure - To Go
2. The Birth of Rock 'N Roll or Too Hip for the Womb
3. A Most Excellent Roman Holiday
4. Model 'T' for Ted
5. The More Heinous They are, the Harder They Fall
6. Birds of A Feather Stick to the Roof of Your Mouth
7. A Black Night in San Dimas
8. Pocket Watch Full of Miracles
9. This Babe Ruth "BABE" is A DUDE, Dude
10. When the Going Gets Tough Bill & Ted are History
11. Never the Twain Shall Meet
12. A Job, a Job - My Kingdom for a Job
13. A Grimm Story of an Overdue Book

Season 2
1. Now Museum, Now you Don't
2. The Totally Gross Anatomy of a Gym Teacher
3. The Star Strangled Banner
4. Leave it to Bill & Ted
5. Goodbye Columbus.... and America
6. It's A Bogus day in The Neighborhood
7. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in Babysitting
8. The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Phone Booth


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