Captain N The Game Master - The Complete Series 4 DVD Set VERY RARE!!! 1989-91


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One of the most anticipated animated DVD releases of 2007, the four-disc set of Captain N The Game Master compiles the majority of the animated action-adventure series (which ran from 1989-1991) that was inspired by the popular Nintendo game system. The premise of the show concerns average California teen and Nintendo fan Kevin Keene and his faithful dog Lucky, who are both pulled into their game system to Videoland, an animated world populated by heroes and villains from various Nintendo games. There, Kevin must assist the N Team--a group formed by Princess Lana, Icarus (from "Kid Icarus"), Simon Belmont (from "Castlevania") and Mega Man (from the game of the same name)--in defeating Mother Brain (from "Metroid") and her henchmen from conquering Videoland. The 26 episodes contained here pit Kevin and the team against the dragons from "Dragon's Den" ("Three Men and a Dragon"), a troublesome Gameboy ("Gameboy), and countless other nefarious types, including Dr. Wily ("Mega Man"), King Hippo ("Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!"), and Donkey Kong himself, whose allegiances shift from episode to episode. Animation is as spotty as most late '80s-early '90s TV cartoons tend to be, but the nostalgia factor for viewers of a certain age who recall their Nintendo systems with fondness should help to overcome this minor setback.

Based on the 6-page short story "Captain Nintendo" published in Nintendo Power magazine issues 3 & 4, Captain N: The Game Master debuted September 9, 1989 on NBC, and was immediately embraced by Saturday morning viewers. Fans of the video games Mega Man, Castlevania and Kid Icarus however were dumbfounded by the show's redesign of Mega Man and Simon Belmont characters, and the renaming of the "Pit" character. Due to reasons privy only to Shout! Factory, the 7 seven episodes that comprise the third season of Captain N will not be released in this set.

"Captain N: The Game Master" is a 5-disc (570 min.) set which contains all 13 episodes from Season One, plus all 13 episodes from Season Two in Full Frame (1.33:1) video. 

* Character Video Bios including narration taken directly from the text of the Captain N bible
* Exploring Videoland: Concept art for the worlds and locations of Captain N: The Game Master
* The Original Preview for "Kevin In Videoland"
* "Captain Nintendo" - the Nintendo Power short story that started it all!

Captain N Season One:

Disc 1:
1. Kevin in Videoland
2. How's Bayou?
3. The Most Dangerous Game Master
4. Videolympics
5. Mega Trouble For Megaland
6. Wishful Thinking
7. Three Men & A Dragon

Disc 2:
8. Mr. & Mrs. Mother Brain
9. Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street
10. Simon The Ape-Man
11. In Search Of The King
12. Metroid Sweet Metroid
13. Happy Birthday, Megaman

Captain N Season Two:

Disc 3:
1. Gameboy
2. Queen Of The Apes
3. Quest For The Potion Of Power
4. The Trouble With Tetris
5. The Big Game
6. The Lost City Of Kongoland
7. Once Upon A Time Machine

Disc 4:
8. The Feud Of Faxanadu
9. Having A Ball
10. The Trojan Dragon
11. I Wish I Was A Wombatman
12. The Invasion Of The Paper Pedalers
13. Germ Wars

-Complete 4 DVD set

- Quality 9/10

- Ships in DVD Sleeves NO cases or artwork are included



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