The gargoyles are a race of very powerful winged beings who were the defenders of a keep in the year 994 A.D.. By day, they are immobilized in stone as statues on the castle parapets. When the sun sets, the stone turns to flesh and they take to their task of defending their home. They do not have names of their own, but eventually take names to deal more easily with humans. Thanks to a betrayal, all but six of the gargoyles were destroyed, and the remaining ones were turned to stone "until the castle rises above the clouds". A thousand years passed and the year was then 1994. A rich businessman, David Xanatos, bought the castle, and moved it stone by stone to the top of a skyscraper in Manhattan. The sun set on the gargoyles and they came back to life, free of their curse. They had a hard time dealing with their new environment, and had to deal with their feelings of mistrust toward humans--a mistrust that was deepened by another betrayal. It was revealed that one other gargoyle, Demona, survived the destruction in 994, and she was also at the heart of both betrayals. Her hatred for humanity runs deep, and fuels her less-than-honorable intentions. The gargoyles had one human friend, a police detective named Elisa Maza. With her help, the gargoyles began to assimilate into the twentieth century, and began to trust. They abandoned the castle and set up a secret home in the clock tower of the New York Police Department 23th precinct station where Elisa worked.

Voice Talents of:

Jeff Bennett ... Brooklyn
Kath Soucie ... Princess Katharine
Keith David ... Goliath
Clancy Brown ... Wolf
Rocky Carroll ... Glasses
Jim Cummings ... Dingo
Salli Richardson ... Elisa Maza
Frank Welker ... Bronx
Neil Dickson ... Griff
Edward Asner ... Hudson
Jonathan Frakes ... Coyote Robot
J.D. Daniels ... Tom
Matt Frewer ... Jackal
Brent Spiner ... Puck
Sheena Easton ... Robyn Canmore
William Morgan Sheppard ... King Kenneth
Marina Sirtis ... Demona
Tim Curry ... Dr. Anton Sevarius
Nichelle Nichols ... Diane Maza
Kate Mulgrew ... Anastasia Renard
John Rhys-Davies ... Dr. Morwood-Smyth
and many many more!

Complete 78 Episodes
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen Format
Language: English
Subtitles: None

*Ships in DVD Sleeves NO Cases or Artwork is incuded*



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