Go Diego Go Season 1-3

This is for the Series of Go Diego Go on 12 Discs, Excellent Quality.
Dvds Come in paper sleeves.


Season 1

1x01 "The Rescue of the Red Eye Tree Frogs"
1x02 "Diego Saves the Mommy and Baby Sloth"
1x03 "Chinta the Baby Chinchilla"
1x04 "Diego Saves the Humpback Whale"
1x05 "Journey to Jaguar Mountain"
1x06 "Three Little Condors"
1x07 "Pepito's Penguin School"
1x08 "Armadillo's Rainforest Race"
1x09 "The Mommy Macaw"
1x10 "Linda the Llama Saves Carnaval"
1x11 "A Blue Morpho Butterfly is Born"
1x12 "A Booboo on the Pygmy Marmoset"
1x13 "Cool Water for Ana the Anaconda"
1x14 "Linda the Librarian"
1x15 "Chito and Rita the Spectacled Bears"
1x16 "Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue (Part 1)"
1x17 "Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue (Part 2)"
1x18 "Diego's Wolf-Pup Rescue"
1x19 "Baby Jaguar to the Rescue"
1x20 "Diego Saves the Sea Turtle"

Season 2

2x01 "Diego Saves the Baby River Dolphin"
2x02 "Diego and Baby Humpback to the Rescue"
2x03 "Little Kinkajou is in Beehive Trouble"
2x04 "Macky the Macaroni Penguin"
2x05 "The Iguana Sing Along"
2x06 "Panchita Prairie Dog Finds a New Prairie"
2x07 "Diego Saves Christmas"
2x08 "Baby Jaguar's Lost Growl"
2x09 "Diego the Hero"
2x10 "Sammy's Valentine"
2x11 "The Great Roadrunner Race"
2x12 "The Tapir's Trip Home"
2x13 "Jorge the Little Hawk Learns to Migrate"
2x14 "Giant Octopus to the Rescue"
2x15 "An Underwater Mystery"
2x16 "Diego's African Safari (Part 1 of 2)"
2x17 "Diego's African Safari (Part 2 of 2)"
2x18 "Diego and Alicia Save the Otters"
2x19 "Alicia Saves the Crocodile!"
2x20 "Rhea is an Animal Rescuer"

Season 3

3x01 "Rainforest Rhapsody"
3x02 "Gorilla Fun"
3x03 "Tuga Helps the Moon
3x04 "Whistling Willie Finds a Buddy
3x05 "Kicho's Magic Flute"
3x06 "Diego and Porcupine Save the Pinata!"
3x07 "Green Iguana Helps Abuelito Plant a New Strawberry Farm!"
3x08 "Super Flying Squirrel to the Rescue!"
3x09 "Diego and Dora Help Baby Monarch Get to the Festival"
3x10 "Save The Giant Tortoises"
3x11 "Alicia and Whitetail to the Rescue"
3x12 "It's a Bug's World!"
3x13 "Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween!"
3x14 "Egyptian Camel Adventure"
3x15 "A New Flamingo Mami"
3x16 "Manatee's Mermaid Rescue!"
3x17 "The Bobo's Mother's Day!"

  • Complete Seasons 1-3
  • 12 DVD set
  • Quality 9/10
  • Region & Commerical Free
  • Ships in Plastic sleeves NO Cases or artwork is included


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