There really is nothing like a blast from the past and Classic Media has done it in style. I'm from the generation who actually looked forward to watching the Jackson 5ive on Saturday mornings. Mind you, we only had thirteen channels then and if you wanted to watch another one, you had to get up to change it. There was no such thing as a remote and cell phones ... well, that was something you'd see on the futuristic Star Trek series. The Jackson 5ive series was short, but very sweet, running from September 11, 1971 to October 14, 1972. It later resurfaced briefly during the 1980s.

If you're anxious to revisit the fictionalized lives of Titom Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie, and Michael Jackson along with a host of other "guest" stars, here are the episodes along with the songs included with each one:


Episode 1:

"It All Started With ..."

* Goin' Back to Indiana

Episode 2:

"Pinestock, U.S.A"

* I'll be There
* The Young Folks

Episode 3:


* I Want You Back
* 2-4-6-8

Episode 4:

"Mistaken Identity"

* I'll Bet You
* Sixteen Candles

Episode 5:

"Bongo, Baby, Bongo"

* My Little Baby
* It's Great to be Here

Episode 6:

"The Winner's Circle"

* The Love You Save
* How Funky is Your Chicken

Episode 7:


* Reach In
* Can I See You in the Morning?

Episode 8:

"The Wizard of Soul"

* The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage
* Oh How Happy

Episode 9:

"The Tiny Five"

* The Wall
* I Will Find a Way

Episode 10:

"The Groovatron"

* Maybe Tomorrow
* Nobody

Episode 11:

"Ray & Charles: Superstars"

* (Come `Round Here) I'm the One You Need
* (We've Got) Blue Skies

Episode 12:

"Farmer Jacksons"

* My Cherie Amour
* Honey Chile


Episode 12:

"Jackson Island"

* Ready or Not (Here I Come)
* La La (Means I Love You)

Episode 14:

"The Michael Look"

* Darling Dear
* Don't Know Why (I Love You)

Episode 15:

"Jackson Street, U.S.A."

* Petals
* She's Good

Episode 16:


* One More Chance
* I Found that Girl

Episode: 17

"A Rare Pearl"

* Never Can Say Goodbye
* Mama's Pearl

Episode 18:

"Who's Hoozie"

* Sugar Daddy
* I Wanna Be Where You Are

Episode 20:

"Groove to the Chief"

* I'm So Happy
* In Our Small Way

Episode 21:

"Michael in Wonderland"

* Got to be There
* Maria

Episode 22:

"Jackson and the Beanstalk"

* Love is Here
* Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me

Episode 23"

"The Opening Act"

* Little Bitty Pretty One
* If I have to Move a Mountain

When I watched these after so many years, I can still tell you which ones were my favorites and which were not. What makes it especially nice, in addition to the remastering, is the fact that this is the complete series. There's nothing that galls me any more than split series ... you have to buy one and then the other to complete your collection. There are only two discs, but they are full-length episodes. This memory making series will definitely be a classic!


  • Complete 23 Episodes
  • Quality is 10/10
  • Commerical Free
  • Ships in DVD Sleeves NO Cases are Included


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