Potato Head Kids 13 Episode DVD Collection Cartoon RARE 1986-87 Show


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Potato Head Kids was a cartoon that began in 1985. It was created to pair with a show My Little Pony 'n Friends. An episode of My Little Pony was played for 15 minutes and then an episode of Potato Head Kids, MoonDreamers or Glo Friends [I also have this complete series for sale in my store] would follow. Potato Head Kids was an outgrowth of the Mr. Potato Head character franchise. Mr. Potato Head now played an adult figure in the lives of the potato kids, a varied bunch of little potatoes with different personalities. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head often appeared, but they were far from the focus. Actually, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are just general generic characters, assuming roles ranging from "Farmer Potatoes" to "Teacher Potatoes" to "Parent Potatoes" depending on what the kids felt like doing on a particular day.
You get ALL 12 complete Uncut/Unedited episodes in chronological order, plus vintage Potato Head commercials from the 80's! All discs include colorful and easy to navigate menus, no commercials, and excellent video/audio quality. You won't find a better set anywhere, I guarantee it.

-- One Potato Zoo Potato [The Potato Head Kids decide to open their own zoo... but where are they going to get the animals?]
-- Pig Out [It’s time for the county fair, and the Kids are ready for fun.]
-- Poltergeist Potatoes [The kids think the house is haunted... is it?]
-- Potato Head Pirates [The Potato Head Kids are off in search of buried treasure, but what they find is even more special.]
-- Potatolympics [The Potato Head Kids put on their own Olympic games.]
-- Puff's New Job [Puff's got a new job, selling hats. But if business doesn't pickup they'll have to close.]
-- Robin Potato Head [It's off to Sherwood forest for Robin Hood Potato and his marry men.]
-- Sam Spud, Private Eye [Something's wrong, and only Sam Spud can solve the case.]
-- Small Potatoes [The kids get their own television show, but is it really as glamorous as they thought?]
-- Surfin' Potatoes [It's off to the beach to see who can build the best sandcastle.]
-- The Great Candy Caper [Candy has been disappearing from the factory and it's up to the Potato Head Kids to find out whose been doing it.]
-- Trashcan Derby [It's off to the races as the kids enter the trashcan derby.]
Special Features:
-- 3 Potato Head Commercials From The 80's
Region: Region free (plays anywhere)
Picture Quality: Excellent (Digitally Mastered)
Commercials: None
Shipping: ships in paper sleeves, combined shipping available


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