TV RAD (1986) BMX Racing Movie - Special Edition DVD VERY RARE REMASTERED 720P


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 Cru Jones (Bill Allen) is the best BMX biker in Cochrane. He's got the talent to become the best BMX daredevil in the world. As the local paperboy, he jumps, spins, twists, and flips his bike with amazing ability. Bart Taylor (Bart Conner) is the best BMX biker in the world, and he's in town to race in the $100,000 Helltrack competition, the most grueling BMX race in history. Cru wants a shot at winning the title, but his mom (Talia Shire) insists he take his college entrance exams which fall on the same day. For the first time in his life, Cru has to make his own decisions. He decides to go for Helltrack, but Duke Best (Jack Weston), the race promoter, has a dirty scheme for keeping the local whiz kid out of the race and away from his prized champion. Only the gorgeous Christian (Lori Loughlin), a member of the opposite team, can get Cru on track for Helltrack...and teach him a few things while she is at it!

  • RAD (1986) BMX Racing Movie - Special Edition DVD
  • Special Edition RAD is the highest quality version currently available (widescreen, Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound).
  • NOTE: This movie has never been officially released on DVD and is in the public domain. 
  • DVD Comes in Plastic Sleeves NO Cases or artwork are included

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