Sailor Moon Seasons 1-5+ Movies Complete Collection 26 DVD Set Japanese Anime


Season 1 (Sailor Moon)
Season 2 (Sailor Moon R)
Season 3 (Sailor Moon S)
Season 4 (Sailor Moon Super S)
Season 5 (Sailor Moon Sailor Stars)

Seasons 1-4  are the English dubbed version seen on TV and won't have the episodes left out in the Japanese version. Season 5 was never dubbed in English so it's the original Japanese version with English subs. This season also has translation facts inserted in a few spots in some of the episodes.

There are 191 episodes in all and are numbered sequentially from 1 to 191, so the episodes won't match lists showing the missing Japanese episodes. I started episodes 1-9 with a 00 in front and episodes 10-99 with a 0 in front so they'll line up with all the episodes 100 and over.

All three movies are included as well with English dubs, put in their respective season folders.

  • Complete Collection (1991-97)
  • 26 DVDs
  • Season 1-4 are in English & Season 5 is Japanese with English Subtitles
  • Interactive Menus
  • Region & Commerical Free
  • Ships in DVD Sleeves NO cases or artwork are included


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