Spiderman 1994 Animated Series Complete 5 Seasons Cartoon 10 DVD Set


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***** Please, read all information below before placing an order and do not hesitate to ask any questions. *****

* By buying from my store you will receive amazing video interactive menus, best possible quality, excellent customer service, speedy delivery …
* All 65 Uncut Episodes - 5 Full Seasons on 10 DVDs
* This set comes in PAPER SLEEVES.
* Total number of DVDs: 10
* Average quality: Video: 9 out of 10; Audio: 9 out of 10 (see the screenshots taken from an actual set). BEST POSSIBLE video and audio quality. Compare to other's screenshots...
Please note, i never claimed quality more than 9 out of 10.
10 out of 10 can be the quality of the retail set only.

* Professional interactive menus and submenus for an easy and pleasant navigation.
* DVDs are Region Free, will play on any DVD player, DVD-Rom, X-Box or PS3. Worldwide Playback.
* 100% in chronological broadcast order. Commercial Free.
* Consecutive content playback with no return to the main menu after every single episode.

​*******​ ​Important details:​ ​*******

* Please, note, this is out of print series transferred to DVDs. This is NOT A RETAIL SET. This is unofficial, fan-made set. No rights are given or implied, and any incidental costs that may be involved is not for product, but labor, materials, time and shipping.
* We use only HIGH-QUALITY TOP-RATED MEDIA and MATERIALS for maximum quality.
* By buying from my store, you will receive amazing interactive menus, best possible quality, excellent customer service, speedy delivery …
* We are not compressing a bunch of episodes onto one disc. Compression means a major loss of quality and is more prone to skipping and errors. That is why we use as many discs as possible to bring you the highest quality.

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