The Mighty Hercules Complete - 8.5 hrs. 113 Ep. 3 DVD's (1963-66)


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The Mighty Hercules was an animated series from 1963 featuring Hercules, King Zeus and Dodonis of Mount Olympia, Hercules' Earth friends Newton the Centaur (plus Tewt and Tweet), the Maiden Helena, Prince Dorean of Calydon, and villians Daedalus (& Dido), Wilamine (& Elvira), The Mask of Vulcan, Otis The Chameleon Man and numerous mythical creatures of the Lernaean Forest. Trans-Lux Presentation,
Colour, 3 Dvd's - 113 episodes @ 8.5 Hours. Also includes several intros and final credits (song by Johnny Nash), as well as special intros, middle and endings involving Hercules, Newton and Helena.
This set is as complete as currently exists... there were 128 total episodes made of this series.

Image and sound quality for the first 60 episodes are excellent, 9 out of 10. Quality of the final 53 episodes range from 6.0 to 7.5 out of 10. These are edited together from tv broadcasts originating from older 16mm prints.

DVDs  ship in sleeves NO Cases or artwork are included

Episodes :
1-Hercules Comes to Earth
2-The Minotaur & the Endless Maze
3-Evil Sorceress Wilamine
4-Beware the Hydra
5-Dreaded Box of Pandora
6-Evil Wizard Daedalus
7-Hercules loses Magic Ring
8-Wilamine Kidnaps Pegasus
9-Helena finds Royal Goblet
10-King of the Four Winds
11-Chair of Forgetfulness
12-Golden Apples of Hesperides
13-Stolen Silver Arrows
14-The Mask of Vulcan
15-Pod of Transformation
16-Sceptre of Medusa
17-Sun Diamond of Helios
18-Elixer of Invisibility
19-Mask Steals Royal Sceptre
20-Fruit from Valley of the Giants
21-The Chameleon Creature
22-Sea Creature of Neptune
23-Nectre of the Rare Lotus Fruit
24-Helena Cries Wolf
25-Thunderbolt Disc of Zeus
26-Helena & Newton's Mission
27-Ointment of Miniad
28-Water from the Lexas Lagoon
29-Magic Vine of Vergo
30-Trapped in the Wasteland
31-Brew of Strength
32-Daedalus Kidnaps Helena
33-Theiving Bird Hoard
34-Giant Magnetic Stone
35-Rod of Polarifon
36-The Hercules Belts
37-Valley of the Whirlwinds
38-Magic Tuning Fork
39-Elixer of Morpheus
40-The Kronos Creature
41-Crossorian Unicorn
42-The Vanishing Valley
43-Ivy of Mount Illium
44-Dread Nemean Lion
45-Well of Weirus
46-Stolen Hercules Statue
47-Zeus' Torch
48-Earthquake Valley
49-Valley of the Giants
50-Daedalus and the Mask
51-Timon's Gift to Zeus
52-Otis the Chameleon Man
53-Land of the Birdmen
54-Return of the Birdmen
55-Claw Island
56-Daedalus Tricks Timon
57-A Lonely Helena
58-The Trojan Horse
59-Philius Bullies Timon
60-The Stygian Soil
61-Hercules' Memory Loss
62-Newton lends Moonstone
63-Giant Sun Diamond
64-Sands of Morpheus
65-Mischief Day
66-Dorean's Strange Gift
67-Daedalus' Ring
68-Helena Captured
69-King for a Day
70-The Magic Fruit
71-Giant Lysidian Locusts
72-Mount Sirius Erupts
73-Listening Sparrow
74-Magic Hammer of Heckaby
75-Timon's Sick Mother
76-Grandpa's Story
77-Antenna Creature
78-Little Tweet
79-Sandals of Electra
80-Bolius Beast
81-Wings of Mercury
82-The Mighty Tewt
83-Dido Steals Ring
84-Return to the Owl Man
85-Dome over Calydon
86-Cyclops Beast
87-Sidian Illusion Stone
88-Timon's Smart Dog
89-Forbidden Pits of Polias
90-Storm Valley
91-Hercules' Hands
92-The Fire Flower
93-Newton the Creature
94-The Young Olympians
95-Otis and Daedalus
96-Sceptre of Iris
97-Visiting Princess
98-Helena's Birthday
99-Thesian Thunderhorn
100-Forbidden Forest
101-Banquet for Friends
102-Stolen Chest
103-Giant Antaeus
104-Mask's Destructive Fireball
105-Grandpa's House
106-Vain Wilamine
107-Lamp of Electo
108-Olympian Games Torch
110-Magic Candle
111-The Videus Vine
112-Helena to Marry King
113-Enchanted Tree of Talos

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