The New Pink Panther is a 1993 animated television series. It was credited as a co-production of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Animation, Mirisch-Geoffrey DePatie-Freleng and United Artists (though only done by the former, as the other properties ceased to exist or were transferred to MGM a decade earlier) and distributed by Claster Television (from Hasbro properties)

Unlike the other television series, the panther talks. Provided by Matt Frewer (best known as 1980s icon Max Headroom), the panther was given a humorous American accent in order to appeal to younger children. This characterization was in sharp contrast to the sophisticated British accent supplied by impressionist Rich Little (impersonating English actor David Niven who starred in 1963 film Pink Panther) who voiced the panther briefly in two 1965 cartoon shorts, Sink Pink and Pink Ice.[1][2] The Little Man also gained a speaking voice for the first time, provided by Wallace Shawn. John Byner also reprised his roles as both The Ant and the Aardvark.[1]


  • 4 DVD Set
  • 60 Episodes
  • Quality 10/10
  • Very rare set
  • Ships in Plastic DVD Sleeves NO Cases are included

Episodes Include:

Disc 1:
Pink, Pink and Away / Down on the Ant Farm - Pink and the Quiet / The Pinky 500 -
The Ghost and Mr. Panther / Cleopanthra - Big Top Pink / yeti 'Nother Story Big Foot -
Pinky Paradise / Department Store Pinkerton - Moby Pink / The Pink Stuff -
Pink Pizza / The Pink Panther - Werewolf in Panther 's Clothing / Pink Paparazzi -
Rock Me Pink / Pinkus Pantherus - Pilgrim Panther / That Old Pink Magic

Disc 2 :
Pink- Anderthal Male / Pink Kong - The Magnificent Pink One / Downhill Panther - 14 Karat Pink / Robo Pink - Pink Encounters / Junkyard Pink Blues - Pantherobics / Pink Stein - Pinky Rider / The Midnight Ride of Pink Revere - Pinky .. He Delivers / Super- Pink's Egg -cellent Adventure - Cowboy Pinky / Stealth Panther - Pinkazuma 's Revenge / Pinky Down Under - Pinkadoon / A Camp Pink We Will Go

Disc 3 :
Icy Pink / End of Super Pink - All For Pink, Pink for All / Service With a Smile Pink -
Trains , Pains and Panthers / Wet and Wild Pinky - From Hair To Etermity / Strike Flea , Your Out ! - Cinderpink / It's a Bird ! It's a Pain ! It's Superfan ! - Who 's Smiling Now / Robin Hoodwinked - Hook, Line and Pinker / Valentine Pink - Dino sour Head / The Luck O'The Pinkish - The Inspector ... Not / Pink Links - The Stool Parrot / Pinky & Slusho

Disc 4 :
Panther Geist / Pinky's Pending Pink Slip - Pink thethree Porkers / The Heart Of Pinkness -
The Inspector 's Most Wanted / Pinky Appleseed - Calling Dr. Panther / For Those Who Pink Young - Lights Camera Voodoo / I 'm Dreaming Of a Pink Christmas - Wiener Takes All / The Easter Panther - The Inspectors Club / A Royal Pain -




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