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The Shoe People is a BAFTA and Gold Award-winning animated television series which was first broadcast in the UK in April 1987 on TV-am. The Shoe People went on to be broadcast in 62 countries around the world.

The Shoe People was created by James Driscoll, who got the inspiration for the show from noticing that the style and appearance of people's shoes told you about their owners' personalities. He then wondered what stories these shoes could tell about themselves when they were new and when they had gradually worn out.

A second series titled 'The New Adventures of The Shoe People' consisting of 26 episodes was commissioned using a number of new characters. However the second series was not broadcast until 1992. This series aired on Children's ITV due to the replacement of TV-am with GMTV.
The story[edit]
In a shoe repairs Shop, not too far away, the shoe mender tries to repair all the shoes he gets, but sometimes he cannot repair them all. But he does not throw away these shoes, he puts them in the back room of the shop.

These join the other shoes and boots he could not bear to throw away and the ones where their owners never came back for them but this room has a secret. Every night when the Shoe Mender locks up the shop, he makes sure the back room door is shut. This door does not shut very easily and when he slams it shut, the strangest thing happens. A large cloud of dust from the room fills the air and when it settles, the Shoes come to life and the back wall disappears and Shoe Town appears.

Just below Toecap Hill is Shoe Town, where all the Shoes and Boots live.

The characters were voiced by Philip Whitchurch and Jo Wyatt (Jo does the female voices in the Shoe People sequel, the New Adventures of the Shoe People, while Phillip does all the male voices).

Original characters:

P.C. Boot - He is the policeman of Shoe Town and lives in 'Shoe Street Police Station'. Like any good policeman, he is dedicated to his duty of maintaining law and order. He is very formal and likes to over-explain things, to the annoyance of others. He talks with a little bit of a lisp.

Charlie - On the corner of Shoe Street lives Charlie, a clown. He lives in a circus tent called 'The Little Big Top'. He likes to perform magic tricks and juggling, but best of all, he likes to make people laugh. The Shoe People have to be careful when talking to him, as he either pulls a face, or squirts water at them through his fake flower. He seems to have lots of unusual ideas that are useful for helping others in Shoe Town.

Trampy - He is a worn out Irish boot that has a hole in its toecap and he is a bit scruffy. He lives next door to Charlie in a house, with a crooked chimney, called 'Tumbledown House', which has not been painted or maintained in years and the garden is overgrown. He loves to relax and enjoy his natural garden. He is good natured and friendly and likes to keep the peace between the other inhabitants of Shoe Town. He likes to go on walks in the country with Margot and Baby Bootee and tell them stories. Plus he likes his friends from the countryside to come for tea. He has had a soft spot for Margot, ever since he laid eyes on her. It has been speculated that Trampy - being Irish and dishevelled - is actually a gypsy or pikey who has left his travelling roots behind.

Sergeant Major - He lives in 'Drill Hall' and still thinks he is in the army; he was in the Foot Regiment. He likes everything to be neat and tidy and shouts a lot. The grass in his garden is mown in perfect lines, he even measures the width of them, and all the plants stand to attention. The trouble is, he lives next door to Trampy, and gets very cross when the overgrown garden next door grows into his garden. At least once a day he complains to Trampy about it, but never takes any real action. He keeps calling Charlie, "Stupid Clown", but he always comes to watch his circus act. He hates being called Sarge. Despite his grumpy, bossy manner, he does have a soft side which he rarely shows.

Margot - She is a ballerina who lives in 'Swan Lake Cottage' and she loves to dance. She looks after Baby Bootee. When she first arrived at the Shoe Repair Shop, she had a big tear in her side and she thought she would never dance again. Luckily for her the Shoe Repairer had other ideas and he fixed her. She was then put back into the window of the shop to wait for the little girl who brought her in, to collect her, but she never came back. Now she has a new life in Shoe Town and she loves to put on shows for everyone.

Wellington - He loves being wet and lives in 'Puddle Villa'. He loves water so much that he has drilled holes in the guttering of his house and stands underneath it when it rains. He hates being called a Welly.

Baby Bootee - She is looked after by Margot at 'Swan Lake Cottage'. She does not do much else, apart from loving the Teddy that Charlie won for her at the fair.

Sneaker - He likes to sneak around and he takes things without asking people, hence why he looks like a burglar and talks a sneaky tone of voice (which may sound a little like Michael Caine). He also likes to do odd jobs for people. If you look closely, there is a wanted poster of him on the outside of 'Shoe Street Police Station'. He has his own yard and his catch phrase is "Sneaker by name, sneaker by nature".

Gilda Van Der Clog - She is a Dutch clog who lives in a windmill and needed Charlie and P.C. Boot's help to remove the nest from her windmill sails, and then made a picnic for all the shoes after their mystery tour.

Flip Flop - a flip-flop that went to the seaside with Trampy, Sergeant Major, Baby Bootee and Charlie. When she got swept away by the tide, Charlie (with his shoelace) and Trampy pulled her to safety on the rocks.

Mr Potter - the station master of The Shoe Town Railway Station who rang up P.C. Boot to warn him about a tree fallen along the railway tracks and nearly cancelled the trip before cheeky Charlie bought an elephant called Bertha to help remove the tree. He is the only original character who doesn't make any appearances in The New Adventures of the Shoe People.

Sid Slipper - the elderly slipper who sometimes went to the park with The Shoe People like on that day when Baby Bootee crawls off to the flying kites whilst he was snoozing away under a tree and Margot was getting ice cream. In The New Adventures of the Shoe People, he owns his own garden and vegetable garden.

Marshall - a cowboy who loves country and western music, loves Wild West films and does a safekeeping around Shoetown.

  • Complete 52 Episodes
  • 3 DVDs
  • Video & Sound Quality = 9/10
  • Interactive Menus
  • Region & Commerical Free
  • Ships in DVD Sleeves NO Cases or artwork re included


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