The complete TV series collection set of all 22 uncut episodes on 3 DVD discs

8 years of living with 2 women platonically on Three's Company... The series finale of Three's Company showed Jack finding his one true love and moving in with her above his restaurant Jack's Bistro.

Which led to this short-lived spinoff series Three's a Crowd. The first episode aired one week after the series finale of Three's Company, and picks up right where that show left off. The three in this show are the couple, Jack and airline stewardess Vicky, and "the crowd", Vicki's father... who has financial interests in Jack's restaurant.

Only one of John Ritter's showmates from Three's Company would guest on this series: Richard Kline (Larry) appears in episode 18. The lack of Company guests was most likely to get the show to try and stand on its own rather than rely on guest stars from the previous show. Bad move, I guess.

Despite low ratings by the end of the season (think "Joey" coming off of "Friends"), the producers told ABC that the show would change in big ways in season 2. Jack and Vicki were to get married, which would change the whole dynamic of the show (Vicki's father's main beef with Jack is that they are living together, not married). ABC was willing to give the show 13 more episodes in a second season to see how this change would take. However, John Ritter refused to settle for anything less than a full season, and the show was canned.

John Ritter (Three's Company, Hooperman, 8 Simple Rules)
Mary Cadorette (as Vicki... only show she starred in. Recurring role on Night Court. Was Miss Connecticut 1975)
Robert Mandan (Soap, Private Benjamin (tv series), several daytime soaps)
Alan Campbell (Jake and the Fatman)
Jessica Walter (Dinosaurs, Arrested Development, Trapper John, M.D., etc.)


Family Affair
The Happy Couple
Maternal Triangle
Daddy's Little Girl
Jack's Problem
Vacation From Sex
A Matter of Money
The Honeymooners
A Little Competition
A Foreign Affair
James Steps Out
Father Knows Nothing
A Friend in Deed
A Case of Sour Grapes
Private Lessons
One Ego to Go
September Song
Deeds of Trust
The New Mr. Bradford
King for a Day
Jack Gets Trashed
A Star Is Born



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