Touché Turtle (voiced by Bill Thompson, best remembered as the voice of Droopy) and his sheepdog sidekick Dum Dum (voiced by Alan Reed, better known as Fred Flintstone) were a pair of heroic fencers who battle villains and heroically save Kings, Queens, and others in distress. Touché was the brave (if not entirely competent) leader brandishing his trusty sword and exclaiming his catchphrase "Touché away!" He wore a plumed musketeer type hat. Dum Dum was more of a simple minded follower in a smaller plumed hat and a scarf.

During the run of the show, Touché Turtle used a standard fencing foil as a weapon. But in the opening title sequence, Touché Turtle uses a firehose against a firebreathing dragon, ties up an octopus with its own tentacles and pits his foil against a lightning bolt. Though not especially bright, he was an accomplished fencer and could hold his own against other sword-fighting opponents.

Despite his expertise at fencing, Touché always mispronounced the word "sword" when speaking. He always pronounced the "w" rather than leaving it silent.
The series did not follow any lasting timeline or continuity. Touché would have adventures in the Old West and in medieval eras, as well as battling villains during the modern era of the 1960s.

A running gag in nearly every episode showed him keeping a telephone inside his shell, and it would ring at inopportune moments when someone called for help. Touché would politely excuse himself, duck into his shell, and take the call regardless of where he was at the time.

  • Complete 52 Episodes (1962 cartoon)
  • Video & Sound = 7/10
  • Interactive Menus
  • Region & Commerical Free
  • Ships in DVD Sleeves NO cases or artwork are included


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