TRANSFORMERS 1984-1986 Animated Series 13 DVD Set +Movie


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TRANSFORMERS 1984 1986 Animated Cartoon Series Complete 13 DVD Set + Movie

The Transformers is the first animated television series in the Transformers franchise. The series depicts a war among giant robots that can transform into vehicles and other objects.[3] Written and recorded in America, the series was animated in Japan and South Korea. The entire series was based upon the Diaclone and Microman toy lines originally created by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara, which were developed into the Transformers toy line by American company Hasbro.[4] The series was supplemented by a feature film, The Transformers: The Movie (1986), taking place between the second and third seasons.

In Japan, the series was called Fight! Super Robot Life Form Transformer ( Tatakae! Chō Robotto Seimeitai Toransufōmā?) for Seasons 1 and 2, and Fight! Transformers 2010 (2010, Tatakae! Toransufōmā Tsu Ō Wan Ō?) for Season 3. Following the conclusion of the series in 1987, several Japanese-originated sequel series were created to continue the story, beginning with Transformers: The Headmasters. However, these are not considered by many G1 fans to be canon and officially G1, namely due to Hasbro/Marvel's production ceasing, and the overall stories and characterizations being vastly different from the original seasons. In North America, the series was instead followed by the Canadian-produced Beast Wars: Transformers.
Episode List :

Season: 1

1 More Than Meets the Eye (1)
2 More Than Meets the Eye (2)
3 More Than Meets the Eye (3)
4 Transport to Oblivion
5 Roll for It
6 Divide and Conquer
7 S.O.S. Dinobots
8 The Ultimate Doom: Brainwash (1)
9 The Ultimate Doom: Search (2)
10 The Ultimate Doom: Revival (3)
11 War of the Dinobots
12 Countdown to Extinction
13 Fire in the Sky
14 Heavy Metal War
15 Fire on the Mountain
16 A Plague of Insecticons

Season: 2

17 Autobot Spike
18 The Immobilizer
19 Dinobot Island (1)
20 Dinobot Island (2)
21 Traitor
22 Enter the Nightbird
23 Changing Gears
24 A Prime Problem
25 Atlantis, Arise!
26 Attack of the Autobots
27 Microbots
28 The Master Builders
29 The Insecticon Syndrome
30 Day of the Machines
31 Megatron's Master Plan (1)
32 Megatron's Master Plan (2)
33 Auto Berserk
34 City of Steel
35 Desertion of the Dinobots (1)
36 Desertion of the Dinobots (2)
37 Blaster Blues
38 A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court
39 The God Gambit
40 The Core
41 Make Tracks
42 The Autobot Run
43 Golden Lagoon
44 Quest for Survival
45 The Secret of Omega Supreme
46 Child's Play
47 The Gambler
48 The Search for Alpha Trion
49 Auto-Bop
50 Prime Target
51 The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
52 Triple Take-Over
53 Sea Change
54 Hoist Goes Hollywood
55 The Key to Vector Sigma (1)
56 The Key to Vector Sigma (2)
57 Aerial Assault
58 Masquerade
59 Trans-Europe Express
60 War Dawn
61 Cosmic Rust
62 Kremzeek!
63 Starscream's Brigade
64 Revenge of Bruticus
65 B.O.T.

Season: 3

66 The Five Faces of Darkness (1)
67 The Five Faces of Darkness (2)
68 The Five Faces of Darkness (3)
69 The Five Faces of Darkness (4)
70 The Five Faces of Darkness (5)
71 The Killing Jar
72 Chaos
73 Dark Awakening
74 Starscream's Ghost
75 Thief in the Night
76 Forever Is a Long Time Coming
77 Surprise Party
78 Madman's Paradise
79 Carnage in C-Minor
80 Fight or Flee
81 Webworld
82 Ghost in the Machine
83 The Dweller in the Depths
84 Nightmare Planet
85 The Ultimate Weapon
86 The Quintesson Journal
87 The Big Broadcast of 2006
88 Only Human
89 Grimlock's New Brain
90 Money Is Everything
91 Call of the Primitives
92 The Burden Hardest to Bear
93 The Face of Nijika
Special The Return of Optimus Prime (1)
95 The Return of Optimus Prime (2)

Season: 4

96 The Rebirth (1)
97 The Rebirth (2)
98 The Rebirth (3)
As a bonus I will also throw in the Transformers Animated movie as well ! !

Comes complete with all 98 Episodes! Region Free DVDs so it will play on all DVD players worldwide! DVDs will be shipped in Plastic Sleeves NO cases or artwork are included

Quality is Excellent !


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