Zoobilee Zoo is a children's television series featuring actors dressed as animal characters that originally aired from 1986–1988. It continued it run in syndication until 2000[1] on several television channels including commercial network television stations, public television stations, The Learning Channel, and the Hallmark Channel.

Hosted by Ben Vereen, the show centers around a group of six artistic animal friends who live in Zoobilee Zoo and frequently break into song and dance.[2]

Each Zooble character has a certain artistic talent that shapes the way they approach different scenario.[2]

  • Sandey Grinn as Bill Der Beaver in all but 2 episodes (see below), who likes to invent and fix stuff.
  • Forrest Gardner as Van Go Lion, who enjoys art
  • Karen Hartman as Talkatoo Cockatoo, who enjoys reading, writing, and speech
  • Michael B. Moynahan as Lookout Bear, who enjoys adventuring and travel
  • Gary Schwartz as Bravo Fox, a showman who encourages the talents of theatre and acting
  • Michael Sheehan as the original Bill Der Beaver in 2 episodes. When Sheehan decided to leave the show for other interests, he was replaced by his recommendation Sandey Grinn.
  • Louise Vallance as Whazzat Kangaroo, the youngest Zooble who encourages kids to enjoy music and dance
  • Ben Vereen as Mayor Ben, a leopard who stars as the host of the show explaining what kind of adventure the Zoobles will be having.


  • 53 out of 65 Episodes
  • Video & Sound Quality 6/10 - 8/10
  • Interactive Menus
  • Ships in DVD Sleeves NO Cases or artwork are included


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